New Corfu Website - Green Corfu

I've just come across this new Corfu website, which I think is a great initiative. It's called Green Corfu and as the name would suggest, it aims to promote a 'greener' side to Corfu than that known to most people.

As the site says in its introduction - Corfu is a green island, because of its lush vegetation all year round, full of olive trees, cypresses, and a wealth of other plants, insects, birds and animals. It’s an island that is ideal for tourism all year round. You can walk through the beautiful countryside, go horse-riding over ancient paths, cycle amid awe-inspiring olive groves, taste traditional local products, visit traditional wineries, olive presses, picturesque churches and ancient castles, relax and come in contact with pure natural beauty.

You can find sections on Nature, Eating, Healing, Corfiot Products, Recycling / Green Energy, Walking and Accommodation. It's well worth a visit and I wish them all the best!

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