10 'Firsts' In Corfu

Continuing the occasional series of Corfu Lists of 10, these are 10 firsts from the island of Corfu. These are by no means the only ones, but give an indication of the role that Corfu has played in Greece in various fields. We are talking about modern Greece, by the way.

  • The first theatre in modern Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. The San Giacomo (now the Town Hall) in 1720.

  • The first Greek opera. In 1867 The Parliamentary Candidate became the first opera composed on an exclusively Greek libretto and was performed at the San Giacomo.

  • The first university in modern Greece in 1824.

  • The first governor in modern Greece - Ioannis Capodistrias.

  • The first library in modern Greece.

  • The first bank in modern Greece.

  • The first lighthouse in Greek waters. In 1822 the lighthouse was built in Corfu and in 1825 the first floating lighthouse was built at Lefkimmi in Corfu.

  • The first lady mayor in Greece - Maria Desilla-Kapodistria, 1956-59.

  • The first tennis club in Greece.

  • The first cricket club in Greece.

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  1. askcherlock Says:

    I have always wanted to visit Greece. I had a college professor who went there every year and raved about its beauty. It must be wonderful to be in a place with such history.

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