New Olympic Airlines Uniform Design - Vote And Win Free Tickets!

Following my previous post about the contest for Olympic Airlines new logo, the new owners have announced that they have chosen 3 designs for the new uniform, which the public can vote for until June 7.

Voters will be entered in a draw to win free tickets to a destination of their choice for after October 1 this year. There will be 100 winners.

To vote you need to go to the site I have to point out, though, that the site is only in Greek.

It seems to me that the sequence is the wrong way round. Surely it would be better to choose the logo first and then the uniform, based on that? But then what do I know.

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Design A New Logo For Olympic Airlines And Win 20.000 Euros!

Marfin Investment Group, who recently took over Greece's national airline - Olympic Airlines, have announced an open competition for the new logo.

Logos may be submitted to the Contest Committee by designers, advertising companies, design firms and other related companies. The deadline for submissions is May 29th. The name of the new company will by Olympic Air, and the five rings of the current logo will be maintained, while no restrictions are placed on the fonts or colors used in the new logo, although designers are asked to keep the old logo in mind so that the new logo proposed will reflect both the tradition and the development of the Greek airlines.

Three short-listed logos will receive 2.000 Euros each and they will be put on a special website so that the public can vote. The design winning the most votes will receive 20.000 Euros.

There's also an incentive for people to vote, as 50 of the voters will be drawn randomly and will receive two round-trip tickets each for OA flights in Greece or abroad from October 1, 2009.

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Google Street View Not Allowed In Greece

I previously posted here about the company Kapou in Greece which had started a site with street views in Thessaloniki in northern Greece, with plans to expand to other cities. Well, their operations have now been suspended by the Greek Data Protection Agency and Google's plans to include Athens in their Google Street View have not been allowed until they can provide some more information.

Before they are allowed to include Greece they have been asked to provide guarantees that the service is not an invasion of personal privacy and to state how long the images will be kept. They have also been asked how they will let people know of their rights if they are photographed.

One official from the Data Protection Agency stated, "We are not going to allow our country to become a Big Brother society."

I had a look at some other cities around the world on the Street View site and, to be honest, don't see what the fuss is about. All the car registration plates and people's faces are blurred out and didn't see anything that could be construed as violation of people's privacy.

Am I missing something?

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