Judas Tree

It's the time of the year here, again, when the Judas Tree - also known as the Redbud - is in full blossom. I really love the magnificent magenta-pink colour of the flowers of this tree. The Judas Tree was given its name supposedly because it is the kind of tree that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from. It is thus also appropriate as it comes into full bloom around the time of Easter every year (Easter is next Sunday here in Greece).

Corfu has a plethora of these trees - the photo above is from the land next to our house, where the Judas Tree has become entwined with another tree - and generally thrives in the Eastern Mediterranean area.

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  1. 70-452 Says:

    I love this small tree and large shrub is a pleasure to see in early summer when it is covered with rose-pink flowers. They appear in bunches all over the plant, even on main branches and sometimes the stem.

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