Coffee Boycott In Greece

On Saturday, April 11 thousands of Greeks will be boycotting coffee houses and cafes as a protest against the high prices charged for coffee. Coffee prices in Greece are amongst the highest - if not the highest - in Europe.

Black filter coffee usually starts from €2.50, cappuccino and frappe from €3.50 and types of coffee like the fredochino and mochacino cost as much as €6.50. These are prices in normal cafeterias - and don't forget, Greek salaries are amongst the lowest in Europe. Each year Greeks drink 5.8 billion cups of coffee, which cost them €1.8 billion.

The boycott has been dynamically organised through the internet and there is also a Facebook group (in Greek), which already has over 8.000 members.

I think it's a great initiative and hopefully more and more individuals will use the internet and make their voices heard against profiteering.

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  1. 70-500 Says:

    Customers should boycott the Greek coffee shops and especially Kazantzakis airport coffee lounges for some months. Customers should neither be afraid nor disgraced from telling the coffee shop owners that they don’t like their coffee prices and there are no more so many suckers around who will pay the prices they are asking for their coffee.

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