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I've just come across a new geo-multimedia site that has recently been developed in Greece - The aim of the site is to act as a guide with 3D photos and maps, allowing visitors to 'virtually' visit towns and places of interest in Greece. At the moment, Kapou (which means 'somewhere' in Greek) is still in Public Beta and still has limited information, but it has the potential to become something extremely useful to both Greek residents and visitors to the country.

Being a company based in Thessaloniki in the north of Greece, they have started off with that city. Hotels, restaurants, important sites, shops and entertainment centres have been listed and you can follow the 3D photos and map for each of them.

As far as I can gather, they aim to cover the whole of Greece eventually (I hope they do Corfu soon!) and I presume it will also be in English and other languages - at the moment it is only in Greek.

But I wish them well. I think it's a great idea and has all the potential to become an indispensable virtual guide.

Good luck, guys!

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  1. Testking Says: is a full informatics, helpful and professional site for Greece. I like the aim of this site the act of guide ness and to cover the whole of Greece ultimately.

  2. Nikos Says:

    There is a similar project for the city of corfu, dating back to 2004-2006. features 500 panoramic images from monuments, sightseens, museum but aslo from 150 shops, hotels and restaurants, from the city of corfu.

    Also, offer detailed virtual tours to 12 churches of Corfu.

    Please, have a look.

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