Greek Businessman On Hunger Strike Against Cartels

A Greek businessman has been on hunger strike for over 40 days now against the cartel system in Greece. I only found out about this by chance on the internet as it hasn't been reported anywhere in the Greek media!

Mr. Theodoros Tenezos is the 39 year-old president and CEO of IRON TENCO S.A., a steel retailer, who saw his company collapse as a direct result of the sudden refusal of members of a hard-core steel cartel operating in Greece to supply him with raw materials.

He is staging his hunger strike in front of the offices of the Greek Competition Commission in central Athens, after having officially reported the matter and a lodged a complaint 2½ years ago. According to the report on the video below, he was then offered 1 million Euros by the cartel to withdraw the complaint and disappear!

This is the first Antitrust Hunger Strike in the world, according to Stop Cartel, where you can read more about the story. Mr. Tenezos had over 200 employees and the amazing and ahocking thing is that, though there is a British TV report (see below), absolutely nothing has been mentioned in the Greek media over the last 40 days!

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