Earth Hour

In case you haven't heard, 8.30p.m. on Saturday March 28th is Earth Hour. People and organisations all over the world are being encouraged to 'switch off' for 1 hour at that time. The target is 1 billion people, which will be like a vote to take decisive action on climate change. This global vote is particularly aimed at the meeting of world leaders in December, 2009 in Copenhagen to agree on a post-Kyoto policy for tackling climate change.

I think this is a good and powerful idea, but I have a bit of an issue with how it is being promoted here in Greece. The impression being given is that it is a kind of competition, with the media constantly telling us that the response in Greece is No. 1 worldwide.

Now I don't doubt that a lot of people and organisations here genuinely want to do something, but in a country which has a dreadful record regarding sustainability and environmental sensitivity it seems that perhaps the understanding is missing when we think that it is more important just to turn off our lights for one hour - which is quite easy - and be the 'best' in the world than to actually do something in our lives and on a permanent basis.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Earth Hour is a great initiative, but there is something a lot more serious that needs to go hand in hand with it. Being first in the world at turning off your lights for an hour is just not enough.

Take a look at the short Earth Hour video below.

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