10 Corfu Books

Continuing the occasional series Corfu Lists of 10, this is a list of 10 books about Corfu, which aren't guides.

The most famous writers who lived in Corfu and wrote about it were the Durrells - Gerald and Lawrence. I have listed 3 of their books here - this is obviously not all of their work but are the books they wrote about Corfu.

The first and arguably best-known - there was a British TV series based on it many years ago - is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. The books not only covers the natural history of the island, but is also a wonderful and amusing account of the Durrell family's experiences there when Gerald was a young boy.

Gerald also wrote Birds, Beasts and Relatives, which is the sequel to My Family and Other Animals and is also another nature guide along with delightful childhood memories and stories from the island.

Gerald's brother Lawrence wrote Prospero's Cell, which famously includes the suggestion that Corfu was the setting for Shakespeare's The Tempest. Here, we read about a young man whose escape from England to Corfu is interrupted by the onset of World War 2.

I love this delightful book by Emma Tennant, A House in Corfu, which relates her own childhood visits to Corfu and the acquisition of a piece of land and a house on the island's west coast.

Prospero's Daughters by Sally Stewart is a mystery whose heroine, an English writer, goes to Corfu in search of the origins of a painting that her grandfather brought back from Greece.

Kim Green's Paging Aphrodite is a fast-racing and well plotted story about four women who end up on the island of Corfu for their own various reasons.

to watch the waves go by is Peter Stoneley's amusing account of 30 years of struggle against Greek law, customs, government, weather and wildlife on the island of Corfu.

Captain from Corfu by Muriel Maddox is a romantic story about the love affair between Nikos, who is a Greek captain of a cruise ship, and Alexa, a beautiful American widow.

Alice Padova Anderson's Corfu Cooking combines local recipes with various stories from the author's childhood on the island of Corfu. The book includes illustrations of Corfu taken from the author's photos.

Corfu Sketches by John Waller is full of sketches, as the title would suggest, of Corfu Town, villages and countryside. For those who have been to the island it is a delightful reminder of their visit and for those who haven't been it is a wonderful incentive to visit!

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  1. maggi Says:

    Have you discovered Songs of Blue and Gold by Deborah Lawrenson yet? The best Corfu novel for years. It came out last summer, and is a lovely evocative read, set around Kalami and Agni with wonderful descriptions of the landscape and the sea. Loosely based on Lawrence Durrell.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A beautifully written book is The Greek For Love by James Chatto. A very touching and also funny account of moving to Corfu for a summer and just not leaving. It has became one of my favourite books.

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