Magical Mystery Tour

Today I was remembering Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) from a long time ago - 1967 - when I was living in Britain and the Beatles' film Magical Mystery Tour was played on TV.

At that time, this was very 'adventurous' of the BBC and it caused a lot of varying reactions. I remember enjoying it, though, and there were some excellent songs on the EP (remember EPs?) from the film - I Am The Walrus and Fool On The Hill spring to mind.

So for those of you who were around at the time, below is a short trip down memory lane - the intro to Magical Mystery Tour. And for those of you who weren't - enjoy th Beatles when they were pretty much at their prime.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow that was one year after I was born. I bet the weather is better there than here lol.I am in Toronto, Canada at the moment.

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