Corfu View With Photsynth

I've just started playing around with Photosynth. If you don't know it, Photosynth is the application by Microsoft where you can create a "cinematic" image and experience from flat photos.

It's free to sign up at the Photosynth site and the actual process of "synthing" your photos is easy, though I've found that you need to work at it a bit to get the best results. There is an explanatory video and you can see what others have created - the whole site is public, so whatever you do can be seen by others.

Anyway, you can see above a view in Corfu from our house, which I created on Photosynth. It would have been better had I had a better camera! On the left in the distance you just make out mainland Albania across the sea, which would have been clearer with a better camera. You can either click on the arrows top, bottom, right and left to move one at a time or click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner for it to play like a slide show.

I'm going to keep practising with it to see if I can get some good quality images. I'm still a complete beginner, but I think it's a great tool!

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