Olives Ready To Eat!

In a previous post - Collecting Olives - I described how we collected the olives that were for eating and not to make oil, and the start of the process before they were ready to go on the table to be eaten.

As I said, we cover the olives in water in jars (see photo above) for 20 days, changing the water every day. Well, after the 20 days have passed, what you do is change the water again and add 3 tablespoons of rock salt. You leave them like this for 3 days. After this, you remove the water and cover them in half water, half vinegar and leave them for another 3 days.

When that has passed, you put them in glass jars, covered in olive oil. It is recommended that you place in the jar either 2 cloves of crushed garlic and 1 tablespoon of parsley or 1 quartered lemon and some celery leaves.

The olives are now ready to eat. And are especially delicious for having been collected from our own trees!

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