Obama Babies?!

I just read that there is expected to be a boom in the number of babies born in the USA in early August, 2009 - 9 months after Obama won the Presidential election! These are already being called Obama Babies.

It seems that celebrations after the victory went on well into the night and, well, we'll see the results of those celebrations in early August. Obama himself was born 9 months after John F. Kennedy was born, so I suppose he may well be a JFK Baby!

I remember quite a long time ago there were national power cuts, which meant there were no lights and no forms of entertainment powered by electricity, so, it was claimed, couples resorted to other forms of entertainment powered by something else. I can't recall if there actually was a boom in births 9 months later, but perhaps they should have been called Blackout Babies, or something similar!

I'm not sure how much research has been done into the subject, but I suppose there could be a lot of correlations between particular events and births nine months later. Here in Greece, there may well have been a boom after the national football team won the European Championship in 2004. It was such an unexpected and unlikely victory that the whole nation went into ecstasy! I suppose you could call them Otto Babies, after the national coach - Otto Rehagel - who incredibly converted a no-more-than-competent team into European champions, a feat that will certainly not be repeated in our lifetime. Perhaps if the Greeks were not so conservative on the issue of naming children, the baby boys born 9 months after the victory could have been called Otto! But the likes of Otto Papadopoulos doesn't really gel, does it!

I don't know what the "Blackout Babies" could have been called - Sparky, perhaps? I certainly hope we don't get a glut of Baracks and Michelles come next August!

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  1. Zen Ventures Says:

    HA! an influx of Obamas and Michelles are all we need in this country. We need change and whole lot of it! :)

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