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One of the great things about blogging is that you "meet" so many people from so many different places. In a sense, blogging opens windows onto other countries, ways of life and ways of thinking.

I came across the blog from someone in Italy - Andrea's Weblog - and I found it gave me a feeling for the life in that country and the everyday thoughts and concerns of someone living there. The blog is written in Italian, but Andrea has kindly provided translation into 6 other languages.

Corfu has a particular affiliation to Italy, not just because it is geographically the closest part of Greece, but because of the influence of the Venetians, to whom the island belonged for hundreds of years. Witness to this influence is the architecture, musical heritage and some of the local dialect still dates back to that period.

So it is great to be able to connect with people from that country and following their blogs - as with Andrea's Weblog - helps you "get into their heads" to a certain extent and gives you a much broader perspective and much more open mind.

I find these blogging connections are invaluable and one of the most important aspects of the bloggers' world - if not the most important.

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