Greek Hospitality - Reality or Myth?

I heard on the news the other day that the treatment of illegal immigrants to Greece is the worst in Europe. Now, I don't know what the standards are or how it was measured, but it made me think.

Greece is always promoting the 'Greek hospitality' and yet what does this treatment of illegal immigrants indicate? Now, I'm not condoning illegal immigration, but one would have thought that if one has a hospitable nature, then one wouldn't treat these people in a worse way than than anyone else does. Or am I wrong?

Another item on the news related that a priest who was christening a child, refused to complete the ceremony unless two Islam friends/relatives, who were present, left the church! An isolated incident? OK, yes, but still!

It makes you think that perhaps this hospitality is just expressed when material benefits can be gained. A couple of years ago, Corfu had applied for Corfu Town to be listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site and a representative came here to make a report. This representative, however, was going to wander round the town incognito - nobody would know who she was (we did know that it was a woman!). So one of the Members of Parliament for Corfu told everyone in the town to be on their best behaviour and be kind and hospitable to all the visitors on that particular day, as we didn't know which one of them might be the UNESCO representative!

It was like saying it doesn't matter how you treat the visitors on all the other days!

Now, I've travelled to quite a few countries - both in Europe and other continents - and what I've found is that there are hospitable people everywhere - without exception. In the same way, there are definitely hospitable people in Greece (though I don't know if I would include the taxi drivers in that group!) and there are also inhospitable people.

I know a lot of you who have come to Greece on holiday will say the people were marvellous, warm and hospitable. I'm sure they were. Some of them would be genuinely hospitable and others would be like that because you were visitors with money. But the thing is that whatever country you visit you will find the people like that.

If you live in a country, then you will start to see the reality. I firmly believe that there are hospitable and inhospitable people everywhere. Greece has just used it as another marketing tool to try and encourage tourism. If you want to come to Greece, please do - there are many good reasons, that I won't list in this post, for you to do so. But don't come expecting to find the most hospitable people - we're just the same as everyone else in that respect.

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  1. Ann Says:

    Agree that there are hospitable people everywhere. Like here in Italy, the locals are friendly/helpful, especially knowing that the other person is a tourist/visitor that is only staying a short time and spending their hard earned cash here.

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