Flaming Rats!!

Just recently, my wife decided to burn some garden rubbish. Now, it is illegal to have fires in your garden or on your land in the summer - to avoid the risk of forest fires, which are quite prevalent in Greece, but we had thought that October was OK. It was a small fire, anyway, and completely controlled.

Well, in under half an hour, someone from the Fire Service came by - they had apparently seen the smoke. It was actually quite comforting to see such a quick reaction, and to feel secure in the knowledge that the Fire Service was completely on alert and quickly responsive!

What they told my wife was that the ban is not lifted until the beginning of November. So, obviously she put the fire out immediately and we avoided a €1.500 fine.

The officer told her that it is actually a dangerous time of the year and explained that rats and other rodents catch fire if there is something burning and in their panic to flee, they leap into trees and bushes and spread the fire quickly in that way! Well, I wasn't there, but if I had been, I would have asked why that was a greater danger in the autumn than in the summer.

Are there more rodents about in the autumn? Are they more lively than in the summer heat, when they don't have the energy to flee?

Anyway, for whatever the reason, it is something that I hadn't even thought about before, but on consideration it does some pretty logical.

Well, you live and learn as they say.

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  1. anna Says:

    via Google-alerts on "Corfu" , I came around your blog. Having lived in Greece for over 30 years, and as a member of our town-council (in the northern suburbs of Athens) Nea Pendeli, being responsible for the volunteer-firefighters, I can only remark-and really feel like doing so, that open "innocent, garden-fires" have ever so often been responsible for bigger and dangerous situations all over Greece. of course one thinks, that everything is under controll and that nothing would happen, but as you see the fireservice was quite worried and you can feel lucky not having had to pay the fine!!!Officially, thede "garden-fires/backyard etc." are allowed after November 1st until 30th of April (there is a law about that!). And as you remark, too, many fires, big ones, are due to burning animals, summer and winter!(poor things..).Please excuse me for remarking on your blog, but I also thought, that your honest report might be a good example to others! I am German, female, 48, and sa I said before, have been living here since 1979. Anne Dourou

  2. andrea Says:

    you've got great neighbors!

  3. symposio Says:

    Many thanks for your comment Anna. Your point about "innocent" garden fires is well taken. Of course we thought the ban was until the beginning of October, but we should have checked!

  4. TiOheM Says:

    I think burning rubbish anytime of the year is not advisable environmentally.

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