Collecting Olives

We went collecting olives yesterday. We have a few trees that have what are called Kalamon olives, which are the ones you eat rather than make into oil. You may be familiar with Greek Kalamata olives - Kalamata is a town and area in the Peloponnese, Greece - well, the Kalamon olives are that type.

You collect these so-called "table" olives directly from the trees, rather than spread nets underneath, which is what you do with the olives that you use to make oil. We will be collecting those olives in January.

Here, you can see a bowl with some of the olives after they were picked. You don't eat them straight off the tree, but there is a simple process you put them through before they reach your table.

First of all, you discard the ones that are damaged or have been eaten by insects. Then you score them on two opposite sides with a razor blade (not a knife) or on three sides if they are large. Having done that, you put them in a jar filled with water and change the water every day for 20 days.

Once that time has passed, I'll post again explaining and showing how the olives are finally prepared to go on the table and get eaten!

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  1. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    How interesting!

    Why can't you just pick and eat the olives, though? Are they toxic or too bitter?

    I live in New York-- the only olives we have here are the ones from your area! I love olives and am interested in learning more.

  2. Gypsy at Heart Says:

    They look yummy. I wish I could try one after the curing process is done.

  3. symposio Says:

    The olives are much too bitter when you pick them off the tree. They're not toxic and we don't spray them, though a lot of people do.

    I just wanted to add that we pick these eating olives and don't wait for them to drop down as they can be damaged or eaten, whereas it is OK to allow the olives that are for oil to drop into the nets as they are taken to the olive press and any impurities are removed there. Also, we let them fall as then it is just the ripe olives that are in the nets.

  4. storybeader Says:

    great looking olives! I love to eat olives any which way. Off the table - is the best. Here's a great looking olive tray, over a etsy, that I've been eyeing!

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