Who did you go to Primary (Elementary) School with?

A couple of years ago I started typing some names from my old school days into Google, to see if any of them came up. I was astonished to see one of them - that I had gone right through primary and secondary school with plus a bit after - came up right at the top the list. He was apparently now living in San Francisco and was considered a real expert in the world of Photoshop, had written several books on it and travelled around doing workshops and seminars.

I went to school in Scotland, and I hadn't seen him since just after that time - I went off to Greece, and he did whatever he did and eventually ended up in California. So, I made a mental note to contact him. As usual, I put it off and off, and when I did eventually get round to it, I went back on to the web to find him and found that he had recently passed away.

I was shocked and stunned, even though I hadn't been in touch for so many years.

His name was Bruce Fraser and a site has been set up, dedicated to him - Bruce Fraser Legacy.

This was the saddest of my discoveries of old schoolmates.

Two others that I also went to primary school with that I already knew as being well-known, but whose websites I found, were Ken Stott the actor, perhaps better known in the UK, and Donald Runnicles, who was Musical Director at the San Francisco Opera for years and next year will become General Music Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin as well as Chief Conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

I was looking at an old school photo where we were all together - at about 7 or 8 years old, and went into a good old introspective mood thinking about that time, and what lay ahead of each one of us in our lives.

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  1. autismfamily Says:

    that is sad that you did not get to make contact. I did a google search on my ex husband a few months ago, for some strange reason I woke up and knew I had to do this and found out he had died in a car accident the year before and had been remarried.

    Then I did a google search on a friend from NJ and she had passed away the month before.

    Very strange. This year is my 30th HS reunion, not going, I live in CA.

  2. Melissa Says:

    visiting and reading your post here. thanks

  3. MarlyMS Says:

    this is a nice idea for me. i am amazed to know that you found out that some known people attended in your school also.

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