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I've just been looking through National Geographic's Online Store. Boy, has NG come a long way since the time when they just had the classic yellow magazines!

The first thing that struck me was how well-designed the site is. Everything is very clearly set out on the home page, so that you can easily see what is available and comfortably navigate wherever you want.

You can choose to search by Theme (Animals & Nature, Culture & History etc) or by Product Type. It's in the latter that I hadn't realised just how much quality variety is available in their store. Books, magazines and DVDs I had expected - highest quality, of course - but I honestly hadn't expected so much else. As well as calendars and posters, there are cameras, clothing, software, home goods, travel & outdoor gear and so much else!

There is a separate National Geographic Channel shop within the store, and there is also a Kids' Shop. This latter has a range of items including back-to-school essentials.

I'm still having a look through it all, but I've already earmarked the 10 Best of Everything book, the Scotland Wall Calendar and possibly one of the Animal Mouse Pads.

By the way, there's 20% off all the books at the moment.

Anyway, I'm much of an online store fan myself, but this site is a great exception.

National Geographic's Store has great gift ideas.

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