House on the Hill

I've posted a couple of photos taken from our house in Corfu. There was a bit of a heat haze, so they aren't as clear as I would have liked.

The valley in the photo below can be seen from the front. We built the house ourselves - well, not literally ourselves, we employed builders - and we eventually moved in, it has just been raining and there was a double rainbow in the valley, so we immediately christened it Rainbow Valley. It really is amazingly calming to sit and gaze over it, especially in the early evening. There is still an awful lot of work to be done on the land around the house, as you can probably see, but we are working on it gradually.

The hill in the photo above is called Swallow Hill. Some say that's because it has the shape of a swallow when seen from above, others that it is because there are so many swallows here in the summer. I tend to believe the latter. It really is wonderful in the summer to see all the swallows - they are not afraid to fly close to you - they dive and swoop in such a magnificent way. I was thinking that they must be the dolphins of the sky. And when there are a few of them sitting together, you can here them just chattering away to each other! Wonderful!

It is one of the undoubted benefits of technology that it is possible for people to live wherever they choose and still be able to pursue a career or earn money. I, for one, would find it extremely hard - if not impossible - to go back to living in a large city.

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  1. melissa Says:

    Wow, nice view. dropping my EC here

  2. marti Says:

    I lived in Athens for a year in the 80s. I loved the countryside and the beaches. I love reading your blog so much! I remember taking the lunch meal to the bakery, where they would cook it for us for a few dracmas, and then picking it up with a loaf of fresh bread(which never got home whole). Do they still do that? And the homemake greek yougurt is nothing like American yougurt. My friends grandmother would make it in several small bowls and always sent some home with me when I visited. Egg soup and pasticcho, and street vendor gyros......ohhhhhhhhhhh I miss Greece!

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