Corfu Independence? You Cannot be Serious!

Well, I couldn't let this go by without writing a post about it. This is the kind of story that you expect to see in newspapers on April 1st. An April Fools Day joke!

But, no. The Guardian ('Neglect and disrepair' leads Corfu dissidents to seek split from Greece) and the BBC (Pressure for Corfu autonomy grows) put out stories about people in Corfu wanting independence from Greece for the island! This is so ridiculous - an April Fools Day type story, as I said - that it doesn't even merit any discussion. And yet, a serious newspaper and the, supposedly, most serious British television channel both put it out. It is akin to the New York Times publishing an article about Derbyshire (an English county) wanting independence from the rest of Britain!

The person from Corfu who told them that this was a serious issue here (I won't give his name, but you can see it in the reports anyway) is entitled to his own views, but surely reporters from the Guardian and the BBC should be able to recognise cranks, and if not, then they have no business being involved in the serious media.

Because it is this that is the problem. Not that some crank - and he is recognised as such by the majority of people living in Corfu - wants to create an independent Corfu for his own greater glory, but that the Guardian and BBC should swallow it and broadcast it as something newsworthy.

The story was covered in the News on all the Greek TV channels - but the story was about how such well-respected media as the BBC and the Guardian could take such drivel as being serious!

Along with a lot of other people here, my personal rating of these "bastions" of the British media has taken a considerable nosedive.

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