10 Well-Known Visitors to Corfu

Odysseus at the palace of Alkinoös. Painting by Francesco Hayez

I'm going to start posting regular "Lists of 10" with 10 things connected to Corfu. The first one is with 10 well-known historical or mythological people who have come to the island.

1. Ulysses - In the Odyssey, Ulysses (or Odysseus) is shipwrecked and washed up onthe island of Corfu, where he is met by Nausika. Nausika takes him to the palace of her father, King Alkinos (see picture above), where he recounts his adventures after the Trojan Wars. Alkinos then provides him with a ship to complete his journey to Ithaca.
2. Jason - After his Argonautic campaign in 390 BC, he married Medea in a cave in Corfu.
3. Nero - This Roman Emperor is said to have visited Kassiopi in the north east of Corfu.
4. Casanova - The famous "lover" spent a short time in Corfu while he was in the army.
5. Edward Lear - The famous British writer and artist spent some time on the island during his extensive travels in the middle of the 19th century.
6. Princess Sissy - The Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Princess Sissy) came to Corfu towards the end of the 19th century and fell in love with it. She built the Achillion Palace (1890-92) in honour of the Greek hero Achilles.
7. Lawrence and Gerald Durrell - These two well-known British writers moved to Corfu with their family in the 1930s. There is now a Durrell School of Corfu.
8. Henry Miller - The American writer was a visitor at the Durrells' home in Corfu, where he wrote the Colossus of Maroussi.
9. Duke of Edinburgh - Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, was born on the island of Corfu, to a Greek mother.
10. Roger Moore - The British actor, when playing the role of James Bond. The car chase in the film For Your Eyes Only as well as other scenes, was filmed in Corfu.
So now you know!


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