The Office

For several years, I had heard from friends in the UK about how funny the comedy series, The Office, was. Although it has been shown in 60 countries apparently, it has never made it to Greece.

Like those films that you keep telling yourself that you should see, but never actually manage to get round to, I kept telling myself that I must get the DVD of the series.

Well, I finally got round to it - and I'm really glad I did. It really does capture the characters of people I am sure that we've all come across at one point or another in our working lives, and the fact that they deliberately used "unknown" actors and actresses made it all the better as you weren't thinking of any of the characters as being a particular actor playing a part.

I don't often laugh out loud, but watching this DVD with my son, we were continuously breaking up - especially with the interactions between Gareth and Tim, for those of you that know the series.

I don't really need to say anything to the UK readers, but if you are going to get one comedy DVD, then let this be the one. As well as having both series and the Christmas Specials, it also has various extras including a documentary about how it was made and deleted scenes.

Enjoy it!

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  1. lala Says:

    Luckily, in the US, they showed the British version. It is funny. You should check out the American version as well. Of course, it's taken even further over the top, but still funny.


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