Gross National Happiness

Most nations measure their well-being by the Gross National Product (GDP) but I was interested to find out the other day that the small nation of Bhutan measures it by GNH - Gross National Happiness.

Apparently this has been going on for many years now. A recent visitor commented, "Bhutan seems much happier than countries that have a materialist rather than moral ethos. Relationships are rather equal, there's very little status anxiety."

The four pillars of Bhutan's GNH are the promotion of equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development; preservation and promotion of cultural values; conservation of the natural environment; and establishment of good governance.

The commentator went on to say, "What really struck me is that as a matter of policy, there is very little extreme poverty. Bhutan realises that a redistribution of wealth that favours the poor most is better for producing happiness."


I also found this video on YouTube. Quite old, but interesting nonetheless.

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