New Corfu Social Network

I have just a new free social network – Corfu Connection. This is for lovers of Corfu, people who are interested in finding information about it and also for those living on the island.

If you are from Corfu and have a product, service or event that you want to promote, then join Corfu Connection and let us know all about it and make friends with others. Artists, writers and musicians from Corfu can showcase their work. If you want to know more about Corfu, then come and make friends with the people living there, who can help you.

Promote yourself, upload photos, videos, music and list any events that you are organising or know about. Create your own groups or join one. Get connected!

Corfu Donkey Rescue

I want to start having regular posts about various "worthy causes". To kick off, I'd like to write about one that is right here in Corfu - the Corfu Donkey Rescue.

The sanctuary is a registered charity that was started several years ago by an Englishwoman living here, and does tremendous work to care for these terribly neglected animals on the island. To find out more about their work and also how you can "Adopt a Donkey", please visit their site

This is a short video that was produced for YouTube.


Gross National Happiness

Most nations measure their well-being by the Gross National Product (GDP) but I was interested to find out the other day that the small nation of Bhutan measures it by GNH - Gross National Happiness.

Apparently this has been going on for many years now. A recent visitor commented, "Bhutan seems much happier than countries that have a materialist rather than moral ethos. Relationships are rather equal, there's very little status anxiety."

The four pillars of Bhutan's GNH are the promotion of equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development; preservation and promotion of cultural values; conservation of the natural environment; and establishment of good governance.

The commentator went on to say, "What really struck me is that as a matter of policy, there is very little extreme poverty. Bhutan realises that a redistribution of wealth that favours the poor most is better for producing happiness."


I also found this video on YouTube. Quite old, but interesting nonetheless.

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