"Grease to Greece" Summer Rally

Continuing the theme of vegetable oil as car fuel, I've just heard that a rally is being organised this August running from London to Athens - with cooking oil fuelling the participating cars!

Londoner Andy Pag (on the left in photo below) will head a team of 30 cars travelling across Europe in the "Grease to Greece" rally powered only by chip fat and cooking oil and begging oil from restaurants along the route.

The organisers are calling it a 'Fat-Finding' mission across Europe!

Andy says, "The idea is to see if using waste vegetable oil for long distances is practical and feasible, and to have a bit of a laugh on the way. We want to do a banger rally with no carbon footprints."

The cars will travel through Germany, Austria and Italy before following the Adriatic coast down to Greece.

The rally organisers' website explains that being environmentally friendly is just one of the advantages of using vegetable oil, running your vehicle on vegetable oil is also cheaper.

For details visit the website


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