Kore Ydro

Kore. Ydro. were formed in Corfu, Greece, during the autumn of 1993 by 15-year-old schoolmates Pantelis Dimitriadis, Giorgos Arvanitakis and Spiros Katagis. Not many listeners appreciated their unstoppable output of unrefined, "no-fi" home recordings of trash aesthetics, but word about the group began to spread from mouth to mouth, with extra help from its peculiar live performances, unprocessed video-clips and humorous short "films". The original line up of the band changed by the years; Konstantinos Amygdalos joined in 1997 and Spiros Katagis quit in 2000.

In 2001, pianist/bassist/multi-instrumentalist (and by the time only real Kore. Ydro. fan) Alexandros Makris took over, marking a new era for the group, as this is illustrated in the self-produced official debut If All Ever Ended Here [An Ola Telionan Edo], released in March 2003 by the legendary Greek label Wipe Out Records in a run of 515 copies. The free download-only mini album Seven Months Later [Efta Mines Meta] (available from the official Kore. Ydro. website) followed seven months later (10.2003).

February 2004 saw the release of the first official Kore. Ydro. video - also produced by the group - for the song "Your Kindness" [I Kalossini Sou], the highlight of If All Ever Ended Here. Almost three years after the release of the critically acclaimed debut [2006] and after many postponements, Kore. Ydro. return with a new album under a new label (Capitol/EMI).

The much anticipated - by a prime minority [hence, the word "elite" of the title] - self-proclaimed "new post-erotic, post-christian, post-communist, post-progressive, post-post-punk manifesto" of the band is Cheap Pop for the Elite [Ftini Pop ya tin Elit], a traditionally self-production of substandard budget [hence, the word "cheap" of the title], being recorded before the EMI contact, in the group's home studio in Corfu by Pantelis, Alexandros and the three new members - friends and casual Kore. Ydro. collaborators from the past, who in the meantime had joined the basic artistic team; drummer Alexis Apostolidis (05.2004) and the guitarists Spiros Spirakos (01.2005) and Nickos Varotsis (05.2005). The record has received enthusiastic reviews by the Greek music press, while the first single/video (produced and directed by the band) "No More Affairs" [Ohi Pia Erotes] is a radio/TV hit.

In March 2006 the first live appearance of Kore. Ydro. in Athens (Gagarin 205) took place, while it had already been made official the collaboration of the group with bass player Panagiotis Diamantis, who directed the second video from Cheap Pop for the Elite, for the song "Now that I Do not Have Anyone" [Tora pou den Eho Kanenan] [published: 06.2006 ]

The same month Cheap Pop for the Elite was named by music magazine SONIK (issue 22) “the most important Greek album of the decade up to now”. Kore. Ydro. live appearances climaxed precisely one year after the release of CPftE [15.02.2007] with their re-appearance in Gagarin 205 in front of a fanatic audience and with an impact that renders the particular appearance a peak in the band’s history. At this time Kore. Ydro. are continuing with their irregular live appearances in Greece.

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