Dead Eyes of Youth

The Dead Eyes of Youth were formed in 1996 in southern Corfu. The original members in 96 were 6, Antonis Kouris, Prokopis Michael Tsoukias, Yannis Pandis, Petros Pamdis, Lefteris Pelehas, Alexandros Miaris. In November 1997 Yannis Pandis and Lefteris Pelehas left the band and the country in order to take part in some NASA experiments for 14 year old boys in Atlanta U.S.A. The 4 remaining members of the DEOY, having lost 2 musicians and friends, radically transformed their style of music, from folklore supersonic joyful rock to what they play now.

In 2000 the band started working on their first demos. September 2001, age 19, A.Miaris moved to London in order to become a tycoon- millionaire by importing-exporting Feta in the E.U & ex-USSR. These optimistic plans never worked out so the band was again the main way of making millions of US dollars. July 2003 the DEOY got in studio Sierra Athens in order to record their first album; after a week though, due to various problems the band and sound engineer George Botis called it off. 12 Months later, July 2004 , the worst period anyone could be in Athens due to the big fiesta of the Olympic games, the band got in studio Sierra again and started recording the album Lust with sound-engineer and co-producer Georgis Botis.

Recordings of the album ended in September. Mixing and mastering of the album took place in October and the album was out at Christmas 2004. Soon after, the band appeared live in various clubs and festivals (An club, Rodeo, Small Music Theatre, Ardas Festival, Rock-fest, Katharo). In summer of 2005 the DEOY, completed 3 video clips for the tracks, In an afternoon. Summer and a new track called empty sea. In July the band gave an electro-delayed performance on National radio ERA in Corfu.

At the end of July the deoy got in the extraordinary, epthaponic, time-honored studio Kogevinas in Panagia tou Zelh, southern Corfu. There. the band recorded 12 new tracks called the Nepenthe demos, a rough form of the upcoming 2nd album. October 2005 the band leaves the country for London where there is interest.

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