Contemplation is another up and coming Corfu Band. Behind the group is a singer and composer called Spiros, who studied music from the age of 14 at the Greek National Conservatory of Corfu. He took classic guitar lessons and after three years took some lessons in electric guitar with one of the best guitarist in Corfu, Michael Koromios. He also learnt to play some basic things on guitar, bass guitar and keyboards on his own.

When he was 18, he took opera and piano lessons at the Ionian Conservatory for two years. At the age of 14 he started composing his own music and words dreaming that one day he would have the chance to record his songs.

Following a break, he took lessons in classical singing again at the Ionian Conservatory. In the year 1996 Spiros decided to write songs for a Rock Opera, the main concept of which will be taken from his forthcoming book "The Road to Revolution". The story talks about seven chosen saviours against the future's tyrants of the universe. The Rock Opera has the same title as the book and will be released in two parts.

In the year 2007 he recorded the main songs from “The Road To Revolution” in Athens at the Fragile studio with the co - operation of Vangelis Yalamas, bassist of Fragile Vastness. Many well-known guest musicians participate in all the songs, such as Theodoris Gotsis ex-Horizon's End, Yiannis Fasoulakis from Odes Of Ecstasy, George Tzitzifas from Bare Infinity, Myrto Toumpa from Fallen Within and many more.

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