Contemplation is another up and coming Corfu Band. Behind the group is a singer and composer called Spiros, who studied music from the age of 14 at the Greek National Conservatory of Corfu. He took classic guitar lessons and after three years took some lessons in electric guitar with one of the best guitarist in Corfu, Michael Koromios. He also learnt to play some basic things on guitar, bass guitar and keyboards on his own.

When he was 18, he took opera and piano lessons at the Ionian Conservatory for two years. At the age of 14 he started composing his own music and words dreaming that one day he would have the chance to record his songs.

Following a break, he took lessons in classical singing again at the Ionian Conservatory. In the year 1996 Spiros decided to write songs for a Rock Opera, the main concept of which will be taken from his forthcoming book "The Road to Revolution". The story talks about seven chosen saviours against the future's tyrants of the universe. The Rock Opera has the same title as the book and will be released in two parts.

In the year 2007 he recorded the main songs from “The Road To Revolution” in Athens at the Fragile studio with the co - operation of Vangelis Yalamas, bassist of Fragile Vastness. Many well-known guest musicians participate in all the songs, such as Theodoris Gotsis ex-Horizon's End, Yiannis Fasoulakis from Odes Of Ecstasy, George Tzitzifas from Bare Infinity, Myrto Toumpa from Fallen Within and many more.

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Corfu Travel Agents

If you are looking for a local travel agent, the reputable companies are members of the Association of Corfu Travel Agents. Their website is

Blue Flag Beaches in Corfu

The following 31 beaches and 1 marina have been awarded Blue Flags.

Municipality Beach/Marina name

KORISION Ag. Georgios Handicap Friendly


MELITIEON Ag. Ioannis Strogylis Handicap Friendly

MELITEION Ag. Mathaios

ESPERION Ag. Stefanos

AGIOS GEORGIOS Agios Georgios Handicap Friendly

THINALIO Almyros Handicap Friendly

CORFU TOWN Alykes Potamou Handicap Friendly

THINALIO Apraos-Kalamaki


ESPERION Astrakeri


FEAKON Barbati

ACHILLION Benitses Handicap Friendly

ESPERION Canal d'Amour

FEAKON Dasia Handicap Friendly



PARELION Glyfada Handicap Friendly

CORFU TOWN Marina Gouvia Handicap Friendly


KASSOPI Kalamiones



PARELION Kontogialos

CORFU TOWN Kontokali

KORISION Marathias

KASSOPI Nisaki / Krouzeri Handicap Friendly

PALEOKASTRITSA Paleokastritsa Handicap Friendly

THINALIO Perithia / Ag. Spyridonas


FEAKON Ypsos Handicap Friendly

The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development at beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services.


Museums in Corfu

Archaeological Museum

Delve into the depths of Corfu’s ancient history with ancient Corfu artefacts, a rich collection of coins and marble statues from the Hellenistic period. The most stunning piece in the museum, due to the scale of its size and artistry, is the magnificent pediment of the Gorgon. Dating from 585 BC, this was originally on the western side of the great Doric Temple of Artemis and is the oldest stone pediment in existence in Greece.

The Asian Arts Museum

This museum, which is the only one of its kind in Greece, has an excellent collection of 11.000 objects from China, India, Indochina, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet all donated by private collectors. The pieces in the collection date from as far back as Neolithic times to the 19th century. Of especial interest is the unique Helleno-Buddhist collection with sculptures from Gandhara in Pakistan dating from the 1st to the 5th centuries AD showing the Hellenistic influence on Buddhism in the region and beyond.

The Byzantine (Antivouniotissa) Museum

Housed since 1984 in the 15th century Church of the Blessed Virgin Antivouniotissa, which is one of the oldest and richest ‘Ionian basilica’ style churches in Corfu, it is home to a collection of icons and relics including important works dating from the 15th to 19th centuries, by famous artists including Tzafouri, Michael Damaskenos, Emmanuel Lombardos, Emmanuel Tzanes, and Victor and Michael Avramis.

The Folkloric Museum

This traditional house in the village of Sinarades, not far from Corfu Town, allows the visitor to have a truly authentic look at Corfu village life in the past. Entering the reconstruction of the interior of a village house on the first floor is like entering a time-warp into history. The second floor displays a fascinating collection of Corfiot costumes, musical instruments, agricultural and artisan tools and a multitude of implements and objects.

The Olive Museum

Located in the traditional village of Kinopiastes, only 20 minutes drive from Corfu Town. This recently opened museum, the best of its kind in Corfu, displays a well-maintained traditional olive press as well as authentic items of village life in Corfu.

The Palaiopolis (Mon Repos) Museum

The Palace of Mon Repos, surrounded by huge public gardens, was built under British rule by Sir Frederic Adams in the Palaiopolis (the ancient city of Corfu). It was later the residence of several Lord High Commissioners and is where Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born. This museum contains fascinating archaeological finds, historical documents, prints and lithographs concerning the use and history of the Mon Repos Mansion and also a collection of watercolours and botanical samples representing the natural heritage of Corfu and the Mon Repos Garden.

The Solomos Museum

Based in the house where Greece’s national poet, Dionysios Solomos lived for most of his life (1798-1857), the memorabilia includes the poet’s desk, a collection of the poet’s manuscripts, photographic material and an extensive library. Here you can find the entire collection of old published copies of the Greek National Anthem – the ‘Hymn of Liberty’ – as well as portraits on display of the poet himself, along with other members of the ‘Solomos School’.

Vidos Islet / Serbian Museum

Situated opposite the old port of Corfu Town, this small islet houses the Serbian Museum that was constructed in memory of soldiers of the Serbian army decimated at the end of the First World War. Known as ‘Ptihia’ in ancient times, it was also referred to as the Island of Hera by Thucydides and Ptolemy. This island has a coffee bar and restaurant, two beaches and paths from one end of the island to the other. A boat service to the island operates on a regular daily basis from the Old Port.

The Museum of Capodistrias

The personal belongings and furniture of Ioannis Capodistrias, one of the most important politicians and diplomats in modern Greek history, who served as the first Governor of Greece from 1830 to 1831, are housed in the family residence. A highly educated man, he played a decisive role in the victory of the revolution and made serious contributions to many fields including education, justice, social welfare and agriculture.

The Numismatic Museum

Opened in 1981 by the Ionian Bank, it is the only museum of its kind in Greece and is famous for the value of its collection. Its comprehensive collection of banknotes dates from the founding of the modern nation to the present day and also includes printing dyes, proofs, bank documents, stamps and a rare collection of notes from all over the world. The second floor has a very clear, informative and extensive exhibition showing the process by which modern banknotes are designed and produced, including the paper-making process.

The Museum of Ceramic Art

This museum houses a large and interesting collection of local ceramic art. Here, the visitor can appreciate many valuable and distinctive examples of what was at one time a flourishing form of art on the island.

Dead Eyes of Youth

The Dead Eyes of Youth were formed in 1996 in southern Corfu. The original members in 96 were 6, Antonis Kouris, Prokopis Michael Tsoukias, Yannis Pandis, Petros Pamdis, Lefteris Pelehas, Alexandros Miaris. In November 1997 Yannis Pandis and Lefteris Pelehas left the band and the country in order to take part in some NASA experiments for 14 year old boys in Atlanta U.S.A. The 4 remaining members of the DEOY, having lost 2 musicians and friends, radically transformed their style of music, from folklore supersonic joyful rock to what they play now.

In 2000 the band started working on their first demos. September 2001, age 19, A.Miaris moved to London in order to become a tycoon- millionaire by importing-exporting Feta in the E.U & ex-USSR. These optimistic plans never worked out so the band was again the main way of making millions of US dollars. July 2003 the DEOY got in studio Sierra Athens in order to record their first album; after a week though, due to various problems the band and sound engineer George Botis called it off. 12 Months later, July 2004 , the worst period anyone could be in Athens due to the big fiesta of the Olympic games, the band got in studio Sierra again and started recording the album Lust with sound-engineer and co-producer Georgis Botis.

Recordings of the album ended in September. Mixing and mastering of the album took place in October and the album was out at Christmas 2004. Soon after, the band appeared live in various clubs and festivals (An club, Rodeo, Small Music Theatre, Ardas Festival, Rock-fest, Katharo). In summer of 2005 the DEOY, completed 3 video clips for the tracks, In an afternoon. Summer and a new track called empty sea. In July the band gave an electro-delayed performance on National radio ERA in Corfu.

At the end of July the deoy got in the extraordinary, epthaponic, time-honored studio Kogevinas in Panagia tou Zelh, southern Corfu. There. the band recorded 12 new tracks called the Nepenthe demos, a rough form of the upcoming 2nd album. October 2005 the band leaves the country for London where there is interest.

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Kore Ydro

Kore. Ydro. were formed in Corfu, Greece, during the autumn of 1993 by 15-year-old schoolmates Pantelis Dimitriadis, Giorgos Arvanitakis and Spiros Katagis. Not many listeners appreciated their unstoppable output of unrefined, "no-fi" home recordings of trash aesthetics, but word about the group began to spread from mouth to mouth, with extra help from its peculiar live performances, unprocessed video-clips and humorous short "films". The original line up of the band changed by the years; Konstantinos Amygdalos joined in 1997 and Spiros Katagis quit in 2000.

In 2001, pianist/bassist/multi-instrumentalist (and by the time only real Kore. Ydro. fan) Alexandros Makris took over, marking a new era for the group, as this is illustrated in the self-produced official debut If All Ever Ended Here [An Ola Telionan Edo], released in March 2003 by the legendary Greek label Wipe Out Records in a run of 515 copies. The free download-only mini album Seven Months Later [Efta Mines Meta] (available from the official Kore. Ydro. website) followed seven months later (10.2003).

February 2004 saw the release of the first official Kore. Ydro. video - also produced by the group - for the song "Your Kindness" [I Kalossini Sou], the highlight of If All Ever Ended Here. Almost three years after the release of the critically acclaimed debut [2006] and after many postponements, Kore. Ydro. return with a new album under a new label (Capitol/EMI).

The much anticipated - by a prime minority [hence, the word "elite" of the title] - self-proclaimed "new post-erotic, post-christian, post-communist, post-progressive, post-post-punk manifesto" of the band is Cheap Pop for the Elite [Ftini Pop ya tin Elit], a traditionally self-production of substandard budget [hence, the word "cheap" of the title], being recorded before the EMI contact, in the group's home studio in Corfu by Pantelis, Alexandros and the three new members - friends and casual Kore. Ydro. collaborators from the past, who in the meantime had joined the basic artistic team; drummer Alexis Apostolidis (05.2004) and the guitarists Spiros Spirakos (01.2005) and Nickos Varotsis (05.2005). The record has received enthusiastic reviews by the Greek music press, while the first single/video (produced and directed by the band) "No More Affairs" [Ohi Pia Erotes] is a radio/TV hit.

In March 2006 the first live appearance of Kore. Ydro. in Athens (Gagarin 205) took place, while it had already been made official the collaboration of the group with bass player Panagiotis Diamantis, who directed the second video from Cheap Pop for the Elite, for the song "Now that I Do not Have Anyone" [Tora pou den Eho Kanenan] [published: 06.2006 ]

The same month Cheap Pop for the Elite was named by music magazine SONIK (issue 22) “the most important Greek album of the decade up to now”. Kore. Ydro. live appearances climaxed precisely one year after the release of CPftE [15.02.2007] with their re-appearance in Gagarin 205 in front of a fanatic audience and with an impact that renders the particular appearance a peak in the band’s history. At this time Kore. Ydro. are continuing with their irregular live appearances in Greece.

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Real Estate Offices in Corfu

Corfu Estate Agents
Acharavi, Corfu 49081
Tel: +30 26630 64494 / 64624
Fax: +30 26630 64690
Mobile +30 6947 269111

Corfu Homefinders
1st Parodos, M. Methodiou, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 33416

Corfu New Life Properties
Kassiopi, Corfu
+30 26630 81369

Corfu Property
Lavrentiou Vrokini 3
Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 28126
Fax: +30 26610 23986

Corfu Property Agency
Kapodistriou 15,
Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 28141
Fax: +30 26610 46663

Corfu Property Sales
10th km Eth. Paleokastritsas, Corfu 49083
Mobile +30 6947 84774 (Greece)
Mobile +44 7711 680090 (UK)

Corfu Properties
Messonghi, Corfu 49080
Tel: +30 26610 76890
Fax: +30 26610 76301
Mobile +30 6978 049755

Ag. Sofia 43a, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 35275
Fax: +30 26610 43436

Ionian Realty
Arillas, MagouladesCorfu 49081Office +30 26630 51720Mobile +30 6932 658911 (English)Mobile +30 6973 383019 (Greek)Fax +30 26630 52153

Jonathan Dunn
Kassiopi, Corfu
Tel: +30 26630 82015
Fax: +30 26630 81739

Kapodistrias Estate Agents
Mantzarou 6, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 46868
Fax: +30 26610 46868

LuvCorfu Properties
PO Box 445, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 52833
Mobile +30 6947 269112 / 6948 889174

Ag. Vasiliou 8, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 30489
Fax: +30 26610 49527

Tel: +30 26610 20060
Mobile +30 6944 249799

Corfu Hotel Guide

There’s a new site online now -

It has all the hotels on the island and is gradually building up to be THE reference point for Corfu hotels.

Check it out.

Car Hire Companies in Corfu

Alpha Car Rental
Benitses, Corfu
Tel: +30 26610 72314
Fax: +30 26610 72109
Mobile +30 6976 550953

AutoHellas Hertz
Main Office +30 26610 38388
Airport +30 26610 33547
Acharavi +30 26630 63684

I.Theotoki St., New Port, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 22062
Fax: +30 26610 23685

Tel & Fax: +30 26630 29323
Airport Tel & Fax: +30 26610 46440
Moraitika Tel & Fax: +30 26610 77110
Potamos Tel: +30 26610 46931
Fax: +30 26610 46934

Inter Corfu
Ipsos +30 26610 97081
Dassia +30 26610 93607

Nova Cars
Tel: +30 26630 51604
Fax: +30 26630 51604
Mobile +30 6936 994041

Eth. Antistaseos 6, New Port, Corfu 49100
Tel: +30 26610 26511 / 44325
Fax: +30 26610 26511

Value Plus
Tel: +30 26630 95858 / 95610
Fax: +30 26630 95737

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